Assistance to events

Read carefully before asking assistance to events

How to ask for assistance to events?

The student has to access the link in the end of this page and submit the electronic form with all requested informations. In the case of missing some information, you should save the form and put the information after.

Remember: the submission should be send until the first day of the second month before the event (Ex: The student is going to participate of an event on July 15, then he or she has to ask for the assistance until 1st May).

Who receives the assistance request?

After submitting the assistance demand to events, the Coordinator’s Program receives an e-mail informing that the student made a submission. The Coordinator access the electronic form, analyzing it and fill the field “contra-partida”. In this field the Coordinator will indicate the value that will be offer from the Coordination’s Programs.

Afterwards the Coordinator sends all informations to the management committee: “Programa de Apoio a Pós-Graduação” (PROAP), who will analyses it too and will defines the value to be given for the demand. The decision of the committee PROAP about the amount is defined by the document Diretrizes para Distribuição dos Recursos PROAP/PROPG 2016 .

After the decision the student receives an e-mail informing the amount designed for the committee PROAP.

Remember: The management committee PROAP only provides assistance to the scientific events for the students who will make work presentations.

How about the payment for the assistance to events?

All payments are executed as reimbursements, that is to say the student has to present the receipts, vouchers and all proof of payments to the Coordination’s Program, they will send the reimbursement to the student by your bank account .

Remember: Exceto os bilhetes de passagens aéreas e rodoviárias, todas os demais comprovantes de despesas como notas fiscais, recibos, etc, devem conter as seguintes informações:

Name: Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

CNPJ: 83.899.526/0001-82

Only for event’s presentations in other countrys it’s possible to do the reimbursement for the credit card through showing the bill.

Remember: Beyond the proofs the student has to present the certificate of participation in the event and the certificate of work presentation. Nin the case of field outing the student has to present Certificate from the Institution where the activities have been done.

Click here and have access to the electronic form to the assistance to events.

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