Rules & Regulations

Standarts of Graduate Program in Physics
Internal Rules  – Resolution No 52/2014/CPG, as of 30 October 2014
Internal Rules – Resolution No 51/CPG/2012, as of 12 December 2012
Internal RulesResolution No 18/CPG/2002, as of 19 Febrery 2002
 Internal Rules -Resolution No 14/CPG/97, as of 20 November 1997
Internal Rules  Resolution No 49/CEPE/95 as of 31 August 1995
Internal RulesInternal Rules 1987
Normative Resolution 01/PPGFSC/2015 – Disposes about the  Research Lines from the Graduate Program in Physics
Normative Resolution 01/PPGF/2010 – on the accreditation of teaching staff
Normative Resolution 02/PPGF/2010 – on compulsory courses
Normative Resolution 03/PPGF/2010 – on the Qualifying Examination to the Doctoral Program
UFSC’s Rules for the Graduate Program
Normative Resolution nº 95/CUn/2017 as of 4 april 2017 – on strictu sensu graduate programs of UFSC
Normative Resolution nº 05/CUn/2010 as of 27 april 2010 – on strictu sensu graduate programs of UFSC
Resolution of CUn, ameding art. 60 of the resolution of the CUn on strictu sensu graduate programs
Resolution of CUn on completion of post-doctorate programs at UFSC
Resolution on Teaching Practicum
Resolution on research activity at UFSC
Penalty for delay in delivery of final thesis/dissertation
Grade-Point Average
Sick leave
Rules for REUNI fellowships at UFSC
Guidelines for applying to PROAP/PROPG 2016 funds
Guidelines for applying to PROAP/PROPG 2015 funds
Rules of Research Granting Agencies for Graduate Programs
Rules of Research Granting Agencies for Graduate Programs – PROAP
Ordinance of Regulations for the grants from the Social Demand Program/Capess
Regulation of Sandwich Doctorate Program abroad (PDSE)
Granting scholarships to students at a change in level
Use of research stipend – CNPq
Maternity leave
Joint Ordinance CAPES -CNPq 2010/01 and other documents relative to overlap of fellowship and regular employment
Regulation of full doctorate abroad
Ordinance CAPES, Support to Overseas Events -AEX
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