Rules & Regulations

Bylaws – Resolution nº 53/2017/CPG, of 20 December 2017
Normative Resolution 01/PPGFSC/2017 – regulates the PPGFSC teatching practicum
Normative Resolution 02/PPGFSC/2017 – regulates the PPGFSC faculty accreditation, re-accreditation and removal
Normative Resolution 03/PPGFSC/2017 – regulates the doctoral qualifying examination
Normative Resolution 01/PPGFSC/2015 – regulates the PPGFSC lines of research
Normative Resolution 02/PPGF/2010 – regulates the PPGFSC required courses
Bylaws  – Resolution nº 52/2014/CPG, of 30 October 2014 (repealed)
Bylaws – Resolution No 51/CPG/2012, of 12 December 2012 (repealed)
Bylaws – Resolution No 18/CPG/2002, of 19 Febrery 2002 (repealed)
Bylaws -Resolution No 14/CPG/97,  of 20 November 1997 (repealed)
Bylaws  Resolution No 49/CEPE/95, of 31 August 1995 (repealed)
Bylaws – Internal Rules 1987 (repealed)
Normative Resolution 03/PPGF/2010 – regulates the qualifying examination (repealed)
Normative Resolution 01/PPGF/2010 – regulates the PPGFSC teaching practicum (repealed)
UFSC Graduate Studies Rules and Regulations
Normative Resolution nº 95/CUn/2017, of 4 april 2017 – regulates UFSC graduate programs
Normative Resolution nº 36/CUn/2013, of  31 october 2013 – regulates postdoctoral research at UFSC
Normative Resolution nº 44/CPG/2010, of 9 decembre 2010 – regulates the teaching practicum in UFSC Graduate Programs
Normative Resolution nº 47/CUn/2014, of 16 december 2014 – regulates research activity at UFSC
Normative Resolution nº 18/2017/CC, of the 16 nvember 2017 – refers to the penalty for late delivery of the  final thesis/dissertation at the University Library
Normative Resolution nº  1/2018/PROPG of  march 2018 – refers to the submission of thesis and dissertation to the University Library
Memorandum nº 15/PROPG/2018 – setes to the procedures for requesting a leave of absence due to illness
Guidelines for REUNI grants at UFSC
Guidelines for PROAP/PROPG 2016 resource distribution, related to sudent participation in events
Normative Resolution nº 05/CUn/2010, of 27 april 2010 – regulates UFSC graduate programs (repealed)
Normative Resolution nº 54/2015/CUn, of 30 june 2015 – ameding art. 60 of the Resolution 05/CUn/2015 (repealed)
Normative Resolution nº 16 /CUn, of 28 february 2012  – refers to the Grade Point Average (repealed)
Graduate Research Funding Agencies Regulations
Graduate Support Program (PROAP)
CAPES Social Demand Progam Regulation (Grant)
General Rules of the CNPq Scholarship
Rules for providing accountability to the CNPq
Doctoral Sandwich Program Abroad (PDSE) Regulation
Regulation on granting scholarship to students transferring from master´s to doctoral level
CNPq Research Stipend Regulation
Maternity Leave Regulation
Regulation on the overlap of scholarship and regular employment
Regulation for pursuing doctoral degree abroad
CAPES Support Program for Participation in Events Abroad (AEX) Regulations
CAPES Obligation of citation Regulations 
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