Seminário com Prof. Dr. Alejandro Mendoza Coto – 3 de junho de 2022 (sexta-feira) – 10h15min

30/05/2022 09:47

O PROGRAMA DE PÓS-GRADUAÇÃO EM FÍSICA convida para o seminário:

Exploring quantum quasi-crystal patterns: A variational approach*

Prof. Dr. Alejandro Mendoza Coto


*Evento de presença obrigatória da disciplina seminários


In the present seminar I will discuss the emergence of quasicrystal configurations in the ground-state phase diagram of bosonic systems interacting through pair potentials of Lifshitz’s type. By using a variational mean-field approach, we determine the relevant features of the corresponding potential interaction kind stabilizing such quasicrystalline states in two dimensions. Unlike their classical counterpart, in which the interplay between only two wave vectors determines the resulting symmetries of the solutions, the quantum picture relates in a more complex way to the instabilities of the homogeneous phase. Moreover, the quantum quasicrystal patterns are found to emerge as the ground state with no need of moderate thermal fluctuations. The study extends to the exploration of the excitation properties and the possible existence of superquasicrystals, i.e., supersolidlike quasicrystalline states in which the long-range nonperiodic density profile coexists with a nonzero superfluid fraction. Our calculations suggest that, in an intermediate region between the homogeneous superfluid and the normal quasicrystal phases, these exotic states indeed exist at zero temperature. Comparison with full numerical simulations provides a solid verification of the variational approach adopted in this paper.

Data: 3 de junho de 2022 – (sexta-feira) – Horário: 10h15min

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