3D printer built in the Physic´s Departament

26/05/2017 14:32

3D Printer made at the Department of Physics

Jorge Douglas Massayuki Kondo professor from UFSC did a seminar today, May 26, 2017, titled Experimental Atomic Physics – Challenges and Solutions a way between the rocks  (Física Atômica Experimental – Desafios e Soluções o caminho entre as pedras). He expose his research at the atomic conditions of Rydberg and it was recently published at Nature (Nature Photonics v. 10, p. 689, 2016). The discussion was about the challenges and the solutions planning an experimental device and the installation of the experimental laboratory in atomic physics of the Physic’s Department from the UFSC. At last, it was presented a 3D printer made by the Prof. Jorge this year and it’s already being used to generate pieces to other laboratories and other experiments (in collaboration with the Prof. Lúcio Farenzena). To more information about this research visit the website: www.atomobrasil.com


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