Support for participation in events

Read carefully before asking for support

How do I ask for financial support to participate in events?

Access the link in the end of this page and submit the electronic form with all requested information. In case you lack some information, you should save the form and provide it later.

Remember: the request must be submitted until the first day of the second month preceding the event (e.g.: the student who is going to an event on 15 July must submit the request until 1 May).


Who receives my support request?

After submitting your request form, the Program’s Coordinator receives an automatic e-mail informing that a student has made a submission. The Coordinator accesses the electronic form, analyzes the request and fills in the field “contra-partida” with the amount to be funded by the Program to support the participation.

Afterwards, the Coordinator sends the form to the Graduate Support Program (PROAP) committee, who will analyze the request and define the final amount to be granted. The committee’s decision is determined by the PROAP/PROPG Guidelines for Resource Distribution (Diretrizes para Distribuição dos Recursos PROAP/PROPG).

After the decision, you will receive an e-mail informing the amount available to cover your expenses related to the event.

Remember: The PROAP’s committee only provides support for participation in scientific events when it involves paper presentation.


How is the registration fee paid to accredited post-graduate teachers?
The teacher accredited in any PPGs who wish to apply for an event in Brazil or abroad employing the budget resources of the UFSC for training, should forward their request to the Coordination of Training of People, by the SPA system. More information about this can be obtained at, ext. 9690.


How do I receive the support?

All payments are made in the form of expense reimbursements, that is to say you have to present the invoices, receipts, and all proofs of payments to the PPGFSC office so that the reimbursements are sent to your bank account.

Remember: Except for flight and bus tickets, all the other proofs of payments such as invoices, receipts, etc., shall contain the following information:

Name: Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

CNPJ: 83.899.526/0001-82

Only for events abroad is it possible to reimburse expenses from your credit card bill.

Remember: In addition to the proofs of payments, you will have to present the certificate of participation in the event along with the certificate of paper presentation. In the case of field activities, you must present a statement from the Institution in which the activities were carried out.


Click here to access the electronic request form

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