Seminar with professor Peter Skabara – September 27, 2018 (thursday) – 10:15 a.m.

23/09/2018 08:51

THE PHYSICS GRADUATE PROGRAM invites everyone to the seminar:

Prof Peter Skabara is the Ramsay Chair of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow and the Deputy-Editor-in-Chief and Chair of the Journal of Materials Chemistry C. He is the author of over 180 papers, focusing on the synthesis and application of new materials for organic electronics. Prof Skabara is the recipient of a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award holder, which was gained for his research into monodisperse macromolecular conjugated materials for photonic applications.

Twisted and other non-conventional conjugated architectures: switching functionality from charge transport to photonic applications

Prof Peter Skabara
Ramsay Chair of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow


Keywords: Conjugated macromolecules, electron donors, oligofluorene, oligothiophene, charge transport
Summary: The synthesis and properties of some complex star-shaped conjugated architectures will be reported.

We have synthesised a series of well-defined, monodisperse oligothiophenes bearing a bridging, fused tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) unit and the much lesser known tetrathiocin heterocycle. The materials exhibit complex redox chemistry for longer conjugated analogues and they can be oxidised up to the octacation within a relatively narrow potential window. The methodology used to construct the end-capped oligothiophene chains has enabled us to explore a new range of Ge centred cruciform structures, in which the central bridging atom of the molecule provides a tetrahedral geometry. Whilst these materials are candidates for applications requiring good charge transport properties, we have also been investigating oligofluorene star-shaped structures for photonics and sensor applications and we report several series of new materials with multifunctional architectures. In this presentation we report on the synthesis, self-assembly and properties of these monodisperse macromolecules.

Date: September 27, 2018 – (thursday) – Place: Sala 114 – Sala de reuniões do Departamento de Física – Time: 10:15 a.m.


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