Seminar with professor Prof. Dr. Christian Müller – September 13, 2019 (friday) – 10:15 a.m.

10/09/2019 14:37

THE PHYSICS GRADUATE PROGRAM invites everyone to the seminar:

Joint collaboration within “HERTSS – Higher Education and Research School for Sensorics”
Prof. Dr. Christian Müller
University of Applied Science Zwickau


Brazil can improve the quality of studies by establishing strong partnerships with high-quality educational countries like Germany. Therefore, the joint project “HERTSS” aims to establish an interdisciplinary university partnership between Brazilian and German Universities in the field of electrical engineering and physics. Thereby young scientists from UFSC and UFPR at the level of graduate and postgraduate studies will be theoretically and practically trained and supported during their applied research, by providing them suitable knowledge and environment. A significant educational improvement can be achieved by development of modules/courses for graduates and postgraduates considering sensor technology and nanotechnology. During the research and graduation project students learn methodical approaches, how to apply them on practical problems and how to find suitable solutions. The strong practical relevance of the student works aims to foster innovations at the universities, initiate industry cooperation and encourage entrepreneurship. Special workshops and meetings with companies will strengthen the networking between universities and industry. Moreover, the project promotes the mobility of master and PhD students as part of their qualification work in combination with further educational actions, e.g. soft skill and entrepreneurship training. At the end graduates have the possibility to obtain internationally recognized degrees and/or double degrees. During the seminar recent project activities and possibilities in education and research will be presented.

Date: September 13, 2019 – (friday) – Place: Sala 212 – Auditório do Departamento de Física – Time: 10:15 a.m.


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