Seminar with professor PhD. Denise R. Gonçalves – November 6, 2020 (friday) – 10:15 a.m.

04/11/2020 09:49

THE PHYSICS GRADUATE PROGRAM invites everyone to the seminar:

RAMSES II – RAMan Search for Extragalactic Symbiotic Stars

PhD. Denise R. Gonçalves

Observatório do Valongo – UFRJ (Brazil)


Abstract: Symbiotics are binary systems of evolved stars that show the most energetic stellar explosions after supernovae. Constituting probable channels to Type Ia SNe, they are important to understand the relation between the SN rate in a galaxy and the number of symbiotic systems at present-time. Therefore, it is very relevant to make a census of symbiotic systems in nearby galaxies. Such a census was never carried out in dwarf galaxies. In the Galaxy many symbiotic systems possess the O VI Raman scattering line at 6830A. This line allowed the discovery of a few extragalactic symbiotic systems recently, in NGC 6822, NGC 185 and NGC 205, among others. Our ongoing RAMSES II project is aimed at searching for symbiotics in the nearby dwarf galaxies, via deep narrow-band imaging that allows to detect the O VI Raman scattered feature. This detection per se implies the existence of symbiotic systems. As a follow up of this first step, we will use optical plus IR spectroscopy to completely characterize the systems, in order to better link them with the scenario of SNe Ia progenitors. In this talk I will describe the RAMSES II project and discuss its first results.

Date: November 6, 2020 – (friday) –  Time: 10:15 a.m.

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