Seminário com Profa. Dra. Karín Menéndez-Delmestre – 19 de maio de 2023 (sexta-feira) – 10h15min

16/05/2023 14:19

O PROGRAMA DE PÓS-GRADUAÇÃO EM FÍSICA convida para o seminário:

Stellar Structures in Galaxies: Insights from the Local Universe*

Profa. Dra. Karín Menéndez-Delmestre

Observatório do Valongo/UFRJ

*Evento de presença obrigatória da disciplina seminários


Galaxies in the local universe are a fossil record of events in the distant universe and present critical constraints on the physical processes underlying the formation and evolution of galaxies. Understanding the variety in properties of galaxies today is thus key to unveiling how galaxies form and transform across cosmic time. We have been plunging into deep imaging of nearby galaxies to get a careful mapping of where stellar mass is concentrated in galaxies. Galaxies present a myriad of distinct stellar structures. We focus on structures that typically characterise local galaxies — such as bulges, disks, bars, and spiral arms — with the intention of building a present-day benchmark to understand the different agents that dictate when and where stars form and through which processes (giant galaxy collisions, interactions with smaller galaxies, etc.). We have also recently launched a long-term observing program to produce the deepest mapping of galaxies accessible from the Southern Hemisphere, complementing the exquisite work that has been performed in the north. I will show a number of discoveries we have made and give you a preview of the exciting work we are doing with our nascent southern survey.

Data: 19 de maio de 2023 (sexta-feira) – Horário: 10h15min

Local: Sala virtual do ConferênciaWeb da Rede Nacional de Pesquisa

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