Professor Ivan Helmut Bechtold has been elected as the President of the Brazillian Materials Research Society

07/11/2023 21:41

Professor Ivan Helmuth Bechtold, a full professor in the Physics department at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (FSC/UFSC), has been elected as the President of the Brazilian Materials Research Society (SBPMat) for the term spanning 2024-2025. Notably, this marks the first time that a leader from the southern region of Brazil has chaired SBPMat, as all previous presidents hailed from the Southeast.

SBPMat is an organization that unites researchers from diverse fields, including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, and Engineering, who are engaged in studies focused on the practical applications of materials. The annual flagship event of SBPMat, known as the Brazilian Materials Research Society (B-MRS), typically draws around 1,500 participants from across Brazil and various other countries.

For additional information, you can visit the SBPMat website, check out their Instagram, or contact Professor Ivan Bechtold via email at .


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